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About Us.

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We Are OBA.

Founded 2021

When it comes to Asian Cuisines, It seems that each of the cultures has something special to offer, and we love them all. That is where our main concept comes from – Fusion, bringing in 2 of the most famous Asian cultures’ food together and creating something NEW.

A Few Words About Us

Newly Founded but Full of Experience

Even though we are a newly founded restaurant, however, all of our staff members are well experienced in the hospitality sector.

From our directors, managers to our chefs and kitchen helpers, we all have been successfully running our own business for decades, most of us are friends and know each other for years.

We wanted to bring each of our own specialities and create something NEW! That is when OBA Leeds comes into play.

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Korean Cuisine

The Korean is well-known for its KIMCHI and pickles,  their cooking is consist of strong flavoured with chilli and garlic such as the iconic Barbequed meat – Bulgogi.

Japanese Cuisine

Whereas the Japanese is most famous for its SUSHI and Teppanyaki, minimal seasoning keeping as naturally as possible to the original taste of the ingredients

Meet the Team.

The Experts in Each Station

We won’t be able to feature all of our team members here, however, we want to shout out to the Waiters/Waitress, Kitchen Porters, Cleaners and everyone that is not mentioned specifically. We thank you for being part of Oba and it is every one of your contribution that made Oba what it is!


Be a Part of Our Restaurant

We appreciate hardworking and talents equally, If you feel you have either or both of these traits, and willing to share it with us - get in touch!